Conveniently located in the Bellevue, KY Industrial Park just off Interstate 471


Blanket Orders:

Some of our customers prefer running their parts on a blanket order.

Your parts will be ran and kept in stock for a year; they are released throughout the year depending on your needs.

Benefits of a blanket order:

You can order larger quantities at a lower piece price.
You can cut setup cost.
We can offer one to two day shipping since your parts are stocked in our warehouse.

Let us be your warehouse.

Plastics---material we process on a regular basis:

High and Low Density Polyethelene

If the plastic is not listed here that you are currently running, remember this is just a short list of plastics we process. 

Specialty Plastics we process:

P.V.C. rigid and flex

Some of the Industry we supply product for:

The Conveyor and Packaging Industry
Power and Utility Company’s 
Bowling Industry
Chemical Pump Industry
Casket Industry
Furniture Industry
Pet Supply Industry
Towing n Recovery Industry
Food Industry
Toy Industry
Medical Industry
Automotive Industry

One of our own…

Years ago we designed a mold we call the “Spin weld Plug” these are for Rotational Molding…we run these in ½” and ¾” sizes in multiple colors. Contact us for further details if you are interested in this product.